Earn Money By Browser While Surfing Web Sites

Dear all. We're trying to review another type of online earning, other than the usual Paid To Click, Paid To Read and Paid To Signup programs. About two weeks ago, we joined a site called MyBrowserCash (MBC).


Quoting the FAQ on the site; "MBC is a software application that allows you to earn money doing what you already do, browsing the internet! (using Firefox or Internet Explorer, Chrome is currently not supported)"

WHO is behind MBC?

There's no name mentioned on MBC Registrant Contact, but the whois information shows a Los Angeles - US location (source: MBC whois). It's also worth to mention Digital Paper Products, Inc., the company which provides the software for MBC.

HOW does MBC works?

MBC program simply works as following: registered members download and install the free (and tiny) software on their PC. Then the software will starts feeding and streaming the advertisements to the web pages on the members' browser while they surf the internet.

HOW do we earn with this site?

In short, we earn by viewing the advertisements being sent by the MBC software while we surf the web.

There are other ways to earn on this site such as filling out surveys, completing offers and joining the referral program.

Please note that there are four types of MBC ads, and most of them need to be clicked if we are to earn from this program. Those MBC ads types are as following:

1. Popup Ads

They are interstitial ads which pop up above our currently opened web page for about 5 seconds. After that we can close the popup ad by clicking on "Close" located on the top right side of the page, back to our previous opened web page, and get credited on our MBC account. (Click on the image to enlarge it)
MyBrowserCash popup ad
Image 1: MyBrowserCash Popup Ad
2. Right-side Box Ads

Clearly enough, this type of ads will appears on the right side of your opened web page, inside a box. The one you want to click inside that box is the big blue advertised text. You won't miss it!
MyBrowserCash Right-side Box Ad
Image 2: MyBrowserCash Right-side Box Ad
3. Search Result Ads

You will find this type of ads when you do a search, mainly on Google search engine. The ad will appears on top of the search results, when there's no Google ad placed there. Simply click on it to get credited.
MyBrowserCash Search Results Ad
Image 3: MyBrowserCash Search Results Ad
4. In-Text Ads

When you surf any page on the net and see a dark blue text with double underlines beneath it, you've just found another type of MBC ads; the in-text ads. As usual, click on that particular text to get credited. Take a look at the following image to see what we meant:
MyBrowserCash In-Text Ad
Image 4: MyBrowserCash In-Text Ad
HOW much do we earn from viewing the Ads?

Unfortunately, there's no exact per-ad-view rates being disclosed. However, MBC said that all members are paid 45% of the advertising revenue that the ad they view generates.

But generally speaking, we can earn somewhere between $0.07 to $1.00 per day, depends on how active we are surfing the web, and depends on where we are residing. We've read that a member from the USA once earned around $1.00 in one day.

As for us, we are earning an average $0.10 per day:
MyBrowserCash Daily Earning
Image 5: Example of Our MyBrowserCash Daily Earning
WHEN and HOW do we get paid?

To qualify for payment, our account needs a balance of at least $20.00 USD. Commissions are paid to the Paypal or AlertPay account we specify when we make a withdraw.